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All great ideas start with a solution to a growing problem. The bigger the problem, the greater the idea!

In 2017, Ethereum introduced the ERC-20 Protocol, allowing new projects bring revolutionary ideas to life with one of the simplest forms of capital crowd-funding, the ERC-20 Token ICO, commonly known as Initial Coin Offering's. The MVG founding team witnessed first-hand the rapid rise and fall of the ICO, due to major downfalls and points of failure prevalent in the new protocol including (but not limited to) illiquidity & lack of investor control, but most conceringly fraud & deception.

As time has past, the ICO concept has (from a decentralized point-of-view) taken a step backward rather than the forward, by becoming heavily regulated with restrictions such as KYC ("Know Your Customer)" & AML ("Anti Money Laundering") laws/limitations. This has resulted in legitimate and profitable opportunities being made only available to wealthier investors, such as venture capitalists & angel investors, rather than the general public. A problem which ICO's originally vowed to solve...

MVG was founded upon four core conceputal foundations to solve the undoubtably growing issues limiting new investors to fund profitable solutions to problems or the next breakthrough idea. Decentralisation, Consensus, Immutability & Transparency. These foundations allow the MVG Network's first decentralised product, Token Distribution Investment Platforms (Commonly known as TDIP Technology) to become a viable contendor against ICO's once the technology is made available in an open-source fashion, to enterprises around the globe.

To learn more about the MVG Network's short & long term objectives, visit our project home, dedicted to providing the latest project information for our investors: MVG.Network

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