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The Utility to TDIP Technology & Incentivised Crowdfunding Ecosystems

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What are Max [MVG] Tokens?

Max [MVG] tokens are the utility & gateway to the successful application of Token Distribution Investment Platform (TDIP) technology, by enabling projects, such as Maxvest, to simeltaneously and easily create long or short-term capital crowdfunding ventures while distributing a digital token or currency to its investors.

Max is the first ever token tied to a TDIP, meaning it will not only serve as a valuating indicator of the Maxvest Group and its subsidiary products & endeavours, but additionally serve as the very first token to be used in conjunction with TDIP technology, allowing start-up projects and enterprises alike to see real-use and live production before deciding to use the technology, once it is made public.

Utility Use-Case

How do Tokens work with TDIPs?

Once the tokenisation period of a TDIP has commenced, the motive of investors will divide between continue investing in order to acquire the projects elected form of currency or token or ending their investment for the pre-set interest accumulated by participating in the TDIP.

Currency/Tokens will be distributed to all investors who have signaled their interest by continuing to invest into the TDIP, and will have all new investments converted to the elected digital currency or token as the end of the TDIP & tokenisation phase. Furthermore, the elected digital currency will be made available for an exchange into any fiat currency via cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Read how it works here: https://aktien-blog.com/bitcoin-trader/

To the contrary, investors with an active investment who do not signal to acquire MVG will do so by discontinuing the creation of new investments during the phase of tokenisation, in order to receive their investment with the additional preset interest (profit!).

Everybody wins!

Token Distribution

  • 4%: Private Sale
  • 5%: TDIP v1.0 - "Acceptus"
  • 10%: TDIP v2.0 - "Profectus"
  • 19%: TDIP v3.0 - "Invictus"
  • 26%: TDIP v4.0 - "Tenere"
  • 36%: TDIP v5.0 - "Ultimus"

Use Of Proceeds

  • 5% Team & Founder Reserve
  • 10% Legal & Press
  • 10% Development of Automated Monitoring Technology (AMT)
  • 15% Project-Wide Marketing Budget
  • 20% Development of Open-Source TDIP Technology
  • 40%: Development of Blockchain Infrastructure

Max [MVG] Expected Growth: 2019-2020

    Max [MVG] Token Growth (Fluctuations Minimised)

    Minimum Circulating MVG Supply

    Maximum Circulating MVG Supply

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The inception of Max…

What makes Max different to other ERC-20 Tokens?


he very first development of Token Distribution Investment Platform (TDIP) technology, fusing blockchain, investment funds & crowdfunding all into one. Token Distribution Investment Platform’s (TDIPs) are token offerings and investment funds fused together in an effort to create a long term, innovative and sustainable development model for enterprises and clients alike.

TDIP technology is the first step toward creating the “EBW” Protocol (otherwise dubbed as the “Everybody Wins” protocol) in an effort to introduce a completely decentralised investment facilitating blockchain infrastructure.

What is the EBW Protocol?
The “Everybody Wins” protocol is a self-governing consensus-based blockchain protocol based on Smart Contract technology, to enable a completely self-managed, autonomous and secure crowdfunding and investment model for token offerings.
Using the EBW protocol, new enterprises are able to offer predetermined interest to investors who fund their tokenized concept or idea while giving complete peace of mind and fair rewarding/distribution to investors while development is underway.

Token Distribution Investment Platform (TDIP) Technology

Profitable and Transparent Crowdfunding & Investment

For Investors

Why invest with a TDIP?

  • Combines the Blockchain, Crowdfunding & Investment Funds to create a completely automated investment experience; check out here
  • Provides transparent investment recording ledgers to allow blockchain analysis to ensure funds are being stored or utilized sufficiently.
  • No intrusive identity checks for users who have invested below the KYC/AML limit.
  • The only and very first long-term, sustainable & attractive token distribution technology for enterprises and investors alike.

For Enterprises

Why crowdfund with a TDIP?

  • Complete, Transparent & Real-Time public recording of investments and payments.
  • Public verification available for all investments and withdrawls to provably prevent insider buying and manipulation.
  • Controlled growth algorithms to ensure the prevention of “Too Big, Too Quick” outcomes which occurs with most ICO’s.
  • Long term capital growth to allow for unforseeable circumstances & planning, in comparison to large burst of funding at the very beginning.

Variable Reserves

TDIPs require teams to fairly pre-determine the allocation of  tokens remaining after the tokenisation period of the TDIP has completed!

How are remaining tokens divided if the hard cap is not reached?

70% - Locked Reserve until TDIP 5 Completion

20% Campaigns (Airdrops, Bounties, Competitions, etc)

10% Spendable Team Reserve for Liquidity, Exchanges, Development, Marketing, etc.

37+ BTC

Maxvest TDIP 1.0 Volume


TDIP v1.0 Investors




Max [MVG] Distributed

Previous & Upcoming TDIPs

Participate in the most advanced form of Token Distribution!

Maxvest “Acceptus” -  TDIP v1.0

Start Date: January 01, 2019
Fixed Conversion Rate: 1 MVG = $0.0111 USD
Total Raised: $57,000 USD
Total Distributed: 13,318,300 MVG
Total Reserved 6,531,000 MVG
Average User Profit: 172% Profit
Status: Completed on March 4 2019
Maxvest TDIP v1.0 “Acceptus” was officially deemed completed on the 5th of March, 2019, with finalised with full conversion to tokens on the 6th of March, 2019.
Go to Maxvest Profectus

Maxvest “Profectus” -  TDIP v2.0

Launch Date: April 24, 2019
Future Conversion Rate: 1 MVG = $0.024 USD
USD Soft Cap: $88,5600 USD
Minimum Distribution: 3,690,000 MVG
USD Hard Cap: $885,600 USD
Maximum Distribution: 36,900,000 MVG
Status: Running
Maxvest TDIP v2.0 “Profectus” will be released following the successful establishment of the TDIP Technology on BitcoinTalk & other crypto related media streams.

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